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Talk & Grow Rich and how to Create Wealth Without Capital

A Course on Subconscious selling and wealth creation

The first thing the Apprentice Millionaire must do is learn to be patient. Before the brain surgeon can put a scalpel to the flesh, make that first incision, he has a lot to learn about the brain. Before the Apprentice Millionaire can Talk and Grow Rich, he too has a lot to learn about the mind and brain. Not only his own but also his prospects’.

Master of your Destiny

Over a few hundred years ago, the famous Zen master “Nan-In” received a university professor who came to Japan to inquire about Zen. While Nan-In was quietly preparing tea, the professor began to elucidate at great lengths on all his own philosophies.

Nan-In had prepared the tea and began to pour the tea into the cup that the professor was holding. When the cup became full, the Zen master kept right on poring and the tea overflowed everywhere. The shocked professor exclaimed, “but master the cup is full, no more will go in”. Nan-In replied, “like this cup you are full of your own ideas’ opinions and speculations, how on earth can I show you Zen unless you empty your own cup first”. Are you ready to empty your own cup and grasp the knowledge that is put before you, within this course? if so 

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Les Brown – How Bamboo Trees Will Bring Out The Best Self

Motivational genius shares an ancient far east nugget of wisdom. Credit: Goalcast

Posted by Jay Shetty on Friday, 6 July 2018

Mind Matters Course


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