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Warning this information may upset you!! 

Does this sound familiar?

Are you….. Trapped within the inner circle of life? 
Feeling trapped as if every thing in life seems perplexed and purposeless, are you trapped within the inner circle of your life, going nowhere, aimless, no goals, no end in sight hopelessness, banging your head against a brick wall, a dead end?

Are you….. 
Trapped by society? 
You have a duty, must conform, must do, have to do, expected, told what to do, ordered, when and how you must do it, are you fitting into a box culture, 9 to 5 syndrome, robot-like, governed by rules, religion, exploited, brain dead?

Are you…..Trapped in your job?
Dead end, no future, no promotion, no prospects, work treadmill, clock watching, tolerate your co-workers, dislike colleagues, hate the boss, waiting for retirement, monotonous, soul-destroying, making your bosses rich, underpaid?

Are you….. In a money trap?
In debt, no money, owing money, mortgage, monthly bills, never enough, lack of funds, over drawn, living day to day, nothing left in your pocket, no savings, living in poverty, no pension, outstanding credit, loans, can never afford, credit card debt, juggling bills, waiting for bailiffs, hardship, bankrupt?

Are you….. Trapped bylaws?
Restricted in your movement, restricted access, watching your back, waiting for a knock on the door, victimized, politicians, judges, blind justice, law of the land, road law, speed restrictions,  Politics, government, local authority, fines, the law is an ass?

Are you….. Trapped emotionally?
Protective, emotional blackmail, guilt, fear, failure, children, parents, brother, sister, colleague, neighbour, partners, wife, husband, peers?

Are you….. Unhappy in life? 
Feeling trapped, depressed, sad, gloomy, dejected, downcast, lost, disappointed, missed the boat, grumpy, feelings of despair, loss of direction
Too close to the truth!  Please ask yourself a question, be honest and truthful with yourself. Do any of the seven deadly traps relate to you?  Are you being held back?  Are you in control of your life? Are you Trapped?

If the answer is YES to any one of these Deadly Traps, then please read on!



How would you like to …. Break FREE from the trappings of the inner circles of your life and reach the outer circle looking in, being in control once in your life?

How would you like to …. Be FREE from what society expects from you, to be independent! Break out of Conformity, the living in a box culture, have a mind of your own, knowing the truth!

How would you like to …. Be FREE from being exploited in a dead end! FREE from the treadmill! 9 to 5 syndrome,  FREE from the monotony!

How would you like to …. Be FREE from money problems! Have money to spend! Financial Independence! Break FREE from the money trap!

How would you like to ….
Be FREE from other people and their laws, Victimisation, Politics, Government,  Religion! Beat them at their own game!

How would you like to …. Be FREE from emotional ties, FREE from the burden of others, FREE from Guilt, Blackmail, Fear, Failure!

How would you like to …. Be FREE from being Trapped and unhappy with your lot in life, FREE from depression, despair, disappointment, FREE from gloom, loss of direction, free from bad health!

Most people have a comfort zone in their life, innate from the World we live in, controlled and programmed by society, bosses, parents, peers, government and laws. It is no wonder that most people are trapped, without really knowing.

Warren Buffett: The Billionaire Who Never Gave Up

Before becoming a billionaire investor turned philanthropist, Warren Buffet was just a shy boy from Omaha, Nebraska trying to marry a girl whose father did not believe in his potential. This is his story.

Posted by Life Stories on Tuesday, 10 July 2018

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