Mental Magic

Solitude Silence Stillness (Higher level of meditation)

Amazing things happen to your life when you use these principles on a daily basis

Turning Zen into Yen  The formula you need for all the wealth, success and achievement, and peace of mind, indeed for all the answers to all your problems, is S.S.S. SILENCE, STILLNESS, AND SOLITUDE. Research into psychology and studies of world leaders, scientists, musicians, physicists, industrialists, inventors and other famous people proves this great power has been used, unwittingly or intentionally, since the beginning of time. All human success and achievement stem from this one power. It was used by Mozart, Einstein, Carnegie, Shakespeare, Emerson, and Edison, to mention a few. This is the power used by the fakirs and mystics of the East and the fire walkers of the Fiji Islands. This power enables the mystics to sit naked in the snow for long periods of time, lash their bodies with whips, drink poison, and to jab nails and skewers into their cheeks and backs without feeling pain or drawing blood. It allows the fire walkers to walk barefooted across red-hot coals without feeling any pain. The secret lies in meditation, in Silence, Stillness, and Solitude.  S. S. S.

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