The New Science of
Becoming RICH

BY Branson  Hyp

How does One get Wealthy and Rich? Is Becoming Wealthy and Rich a Science
or does it happen just by chance only besides a chosen few?

In my many years of business Psychology
, I have studied in depth the whole aspect of becoming monetary rich, including the Physics and habits of successful people. Having achieved success in my life using specific guidelines and principles, which shall be revealed exclusively throughout this eBook. Gratifying in the knowledge of mentoring numerous corporations, private individuals and including my own family group, helping them to become very successful and indeed millionaires in the process.

A forewarning before we commence; at this stage I am not going to lay certain claims to the reader that I can complete the same for you, as people in general are governed by their own psychological limitations, since only an unpretentious 5% of people become truly Wealthy and Rich. However if you can utilize only a few of the surreptitious principle techniques and tools within this eBook then I am in no doubt you would become very successful, rich and extremely happy within you’re life too.

Many learned people, erudite scholars, professors and speakers
throughout history have written a treatise about this subject of becoming “Rich and Successful”. Including some exceptional and outstanding authors/writers, such as Ralph Waldo Emerson,  Napoleon Hill Norman Vincent Peale, James AllenEarl Nightingale, Og Mandino, Paul J Meyer, David Shwartz, Dan Lee Dimke, Zig Zigglar, Tony Robbins, Ron Holland, Dr David Viscott, Orison Swett Marden Denis Waitley, Charles F Haanel, Wallace D Wattles  Charles Darwin only to mention a few..

A good number of those classical wisdom teachings being timeless; still hold firm and true, even in today’s modern world. Nevertheless to say that with the advances of science and psychology including contemporary aids such as iPads, iPods, computers, mobile phones, CD’s, cassette tapes and MP3 Downloads; as in today’s 21st century we are capable of transforming our financial future with specific scientific principles. This eBook can be regarded, as your working toolbox for success, for within you may find hyper links that when followed will guide you to success. This and other eBooks within; potentially are your golden opportunity to cash-in while learning the secrets of success. 

Feel Free to grow and expand of what will expound before you  

Forward to enlightenment


CHAPTER 1  Your Given Right To Be Rich
CHAPTER  2  The Science of Becoming Rich

CHAPTER  3   The Subconscious Mind Revealed

CHAPTER  4   Visualization  - Imaging

CHAPTER  5   Creative Thought

CHAPTER  6  The Universal Consciousness

CHAPTER  7  Will Power Self Discipling

CHAPTER  8  The Power of Goal Setting

CHAPTER  9  The Missing Link - Enthusiasm

CHAPTER 10  Mind Setting

CHAPTER 11 Action is Key

CHAPTER 12  Get into the Right Right Business  

CHAPTER  13 Living the Advancement of Life

CHAPTER  14  Conclusion

CHAPTER  15  Summary