The awakening
How did I get into the greatest game on Earth, "selling" I ask my self? Perhaps I just slotted into a grove or perhaps I was led, or did I just fall into this dismal life of self-torture. Or was it something else? When as a young man just leaving school at the age of 16, I applied for a job in a local retail shop, not for the money or the distinction of becoming a salesperson. But for the interest I had about the products for sale. Tropical fish, this was it I thought a hobby and an interest that would keep me fixated to a future that I'm adhered.

It was my good fortune to meet and be taught the rudiments of selling, by an old Jewish master. Leo Abse was his name, a descendent from a long line of Jewish settlement folk. Now prevalent in the city I was born. His family being part of a firm of solicitors and property owners. Using business acumen and what I now know as subconscious manipulation. The Abse family became possibly one of the largest money making families in the city, during the 1960 years.

This clever old fox would teach me the body language of selling and the cold sell. Watching him at work was so exhilarating, often he would turn a casual window shopper into a big $100 plus sale, and in those days of high unemployment and less money to go round. He would amaze not only me but also the staff, of his sales ability. Using psychology he would set the scene, point out the benefits, create the desire and close. He was truly amazing it was no wonder that he amassed a fortune before his retirement.

After my four long years' apprenticeship in retail selling, I decided to take the giant step of going into the field of direct sales. Joining a National Insurance Company and starting from the ground floor as a collector and sale's agent.
Through my experience of retail sales, I endeavoured to reach the top within the company. Within the space of twelve months I reached my targets and goals with promotion. Becoming an area sales manager was my reward. At that time I thought I was a very good salesman and was often praised by those above me and head office, with awards such as salesman of the month and top producer of the year.

Soon I was approached by other Insurance company's and was offered higher salaries and commission, of which I duly accepted. However as time went on, I was never really happy, as some prospects just would not accept my story line and I could not close on every single prospect. For some reason I could not explain, some individuals were not always on the same wavelength as me, no matter how hard I tried. Endeavouring to improve my lot I took up the study of reading self-help and motivating books, one book in particular, which covered a multitude of interest was a book written by Mr Ron Holland. The name of the book Talk and Grow Rich, this book more than any other led me to more inspirational reading about the subconscious mind.

After a while I decided to take a course on psychology, as this subject always intrigued me. During these studies, it led me into the field of hypnosis and hypnotherapy. I thought, if I could hypnotise my prospects I would close on every sale. However in reality it did not work, as hypnosis is a state of mind brought on by a persons own self-belief, therefore making it impossible to impose your will upon another. It did however open other doors to human psychology, which are now scientific knowledge and the thesis of what this book is based upon.

My obsession to learn more about psychology, came when I tried so hard to close every sale. Why could I not close on every sale? Why did my prospect not buy? To help me in my quest I created an obsessive driving force within me, to study even more psychological and motivating books. Within time it all came together like a jig saw puzzle, every thing gelled and started to make complete sense. I also had to visit and speak to some of the authors of the books I studied, just to make certain in my own mind.

To analyse the workings of the mind and the psychology of human nature, I became a student in the art of hypnosis and hypnotherapy. I set up practice with my own institute, I studied the occultist, religion, and the psychic's. I learnt the secrets of fortune telling. I studied phrenology, physiognomy, and became proficient in non-verbal communication and become a lecturer and speaker on the subjects. I scaled the heights in my chosen sport and became a world champion. All this I achieved, when I discovered, how thought patterns are programmed by The "Subconscious Mind".

Using my new found information, and piecing it all together, led me to a new and full understanding of the human mind and its conditioning, helping me achieve even greater sales and closing. To further experiment and exercise my thesis on psychological selling and persuasion I joined a National direct sales company and within three months became one of the top salesperson in the company. In fact winning the new salesman of the year award and a tropical holiday.

I believe that all humans are born salespeople, from the day we were conceived we were programmed to impress our will upon other human being. Some may say manipulation or mind suggestion.  In the womb we would move if uneasy or crave to be fed, certainly from a child we would want our own way. When hungry cold or wet, we cried for our mother to be picked up, As we grew older we would have a tantrum to get our own way. We begged and nagged to be given a treat, perhaps candy or an ice cream. We knew our limitations we just knew how far to go with our parents. When we grew older and knew right from wrong we gradually changed our wants. As young men and women we sold our selves to a new job. We sold our soles to a new love in our lives, we even sold our selves to strangers, as we wanted to be loved and liked. We are all born salespeople whether we like it or not. 

Through my studies I have also found some amazing facts about mind conditioning. Our brain is like a sponge and we absorb stimuli and thousands of facts subconsciously and consciously every second of the day. Our brain is formed in such a way that we are open to suggestion, for without this special mechanism we would not grow and expand mentally. Our minds are being programmed all the time. In fact from the day we were born. We have been, programmed by one person or another. First our parents or guardians, to our teachers, and the authorities, our friends and enemies, and for good measure, the government, the news media, television, and radio, advertising companies. In fact almost every where we look every time we listen, we are bombarded with mind changing suggestions, whether we like them or not, or even consciously are aware of them. Throughout the book I want you to be aware of this single fact, that because of the structure of the brain and its makeup we are all open to suggestion in one way or another.

Through practical knowledge and a scientific approach of human understanding I have constructed this book in such a way that you will find it easy to understand, and hopefully open up a Pandora's box of interesting and new psychological awareness. Giving you the tools of being the most powerful person that you are ever likely to meet. This may feel, sound or appear to be a derogatory statement, however by the time you have read the entire book. All doubts should evaporate and you will have a complete new understanding of why every person is in two minds.

Sales winners are always prepared to learn, this statement is true today as was written many years ago, in fact all winning attributes of life can be said of this. Through positive mental attitude and self imagery I have personally arose above set backs and disappointments to become a master of most things I have attempted. I don't mean to be brash, big headed or blow my own trumpet. Yet I have the testimonials, credentials and facts to back me up. I have become a World Champion in my chosen sport, I have found financial abundance, and I have found piece of mind and fulfilment. However, I have experienced and suffered defeat, humiliation, homelessness, penniless, loosing all my possessions. Yet I bounced back and perhaps before my life is finished it may happen again, I am not afraid of this, for I know I can regain and grow even stronger.

The study of psychology has led me down many paths, the most important and exciting venture, was to set up an Institute for Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy. Helping people with personal problems have helped me realise that there is always someone worst off than you. Giving back human kindness is a great gift, for we all are generous in one way or another. My claims to fame may be many but human kindness and thought always humble me. I used to feel sorry for my self once, because I had holes in my shoes, I would go to the office and sit at my desk, sometimes with wet feet. I would tell my colleague how I felt, he would listen to me without contradiction, I would leave the office before him every day. Until one day he decided to leave the office before me, and as he got up to go, I noticed he had a limp, in fact on closer inspection I noticed he had a clubfoot. There is always someone worst off than you.

My philosophy in life is to become your own best friend, but not to lose sight of the fact that we all end up in the same hole in the ground. We have only a short time on this planet. We live our lives in a three-spaced time zone. The first time zone, is growing time, perhaps only sixteen to eighteen years are spent learning to adjust, to the second time zone of earning enough money within forty years, for our third and final time zone of retirement. Which may only be five to fifteen years.

In essence we must take and relish the moment of each minute of every day of our lives, for we are all to long gone. In my practice of hypnotherapy I have regressed many people to a past life. However past life experiences, are not to days pie in the sky. Take a tip from me, and get it now on the ground while you are still around.

Selling is the most important profession there is, be proud of this fact. Without a salesperson nothing in this world would move. There would be no incentive to do anything. The economy of the World and all governments would collapse, and there would be anarchy in the streets. As the monitory system would cease we would all end up fighting, possibly reverting back to caveman mentality. Civilisations would collapse, and it would be the end of the world, as we know it. Think about this for a moment, just look around you, every thing you see, and touch, has had to be sold. You could invent the best product in the world, or you could make the best item that's ever been produced. But without a salesperson to sell the product or the idea, then your efforts would have been a waste of time and money.

A sales profession can sometimes be an unhappy one, sometimes it may appear to be the worst profession in the world. It can seem be down right degrading, humiliating and sole destroying. Yet it can be the most rewarding and satisfying. It can also be the best paid job that you could ever come across. Salespeople are in the highest paid profession in this world today. It takes someone special to be a successful salesperson hence the rewards are great. The greatest salesman of all mankind was born to a humble carpenter in a lonely place. He recruited twelve men to help him sell his story. He had his knock backs, his defeats and many doors were closed in face. In fact he lost his life selling his story. Yet over two thousand years have past in time, and his story goes on and on. He sold his story to a following, which grew so strong, that people, all over the World from different walks of life now believes his story.

By having studied and practised psychology for over 30 years, I am prepared to reveal secrets to you that have never been dared to put into print before. Disclosure by the psychiatry profession will not begin to teach or reveal the secrets within this book. Some may say that this book is perhaps to controversial, yet in the right context, this like many other motivational book, are only to help my fellow man who perhaps have been longing to rise, like the Phoenix from the ashes of depravity.

With countless years of trail and tribulations, and studies with an accumulation of diploma's, and sales awards. Combined with first hand experience's I have made this book into an easy to read information manual, on working psychology. Gleamed mainly from the studies of the brain and psychological behaviour, Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy teaching, sale techniques and human social habits. Having the inner knowledge and the ability to persuade other human beings into responding to your whim, is perhaps one of the greatest gifts a person could empower.

Have you the commitment and the heart to follow through with what expounds before you within this book, and become a great salesperson and persuader, having all that you desire in life? I surely hope so. For within this life time works sales-book, you will discover the working's of the unconscious mind, how to manipulate to your advantage below the conscious level of awareness. You will understand the basic psychology of human thinking as well as your own thought process. Perhaps releasing the arbitrary thinking of your own limitations.

At this stage I would like to read you a brief anecdote kindly accepted from Ron Holland (Talk & Grow Rich.)

Over a few hundred years ago, the famous Zen master Nan-In received a university professor who came to Japan to enquire about Zen. While Nan-In was quietly preparing tea, the professor began to elucidate at great lengths on all his own philosophies.
Nan-In had prepared the tea and began to pour the tea into the cup that the professor was holding. When the cup became full, the Zen master kept right on poring and the tea overflowed everywhere. The shocked professor exclaimed "but master the cup is full, no more will go in". Nan-In replied "like this cup you are full of your own ideas' opinions and speculations, how on earth can I show you Zen unless you empty your own cup first".

Are you ready to empty your own cup and grasp the knowledge that is put before you, within this book?
Perhaps you are happy to live in your own mundane existence, or would you prefer to control you're own latent talents and the power that you could have overall things before you.

Through this book I will teach you the inner workings of the conscious and subconscious mind. How you could read mind thoughts and evaluate whether a person is telling you the truth. Talk to people on the same wavelength, below the threshold of consciousness. Influence, people get them to like you, and win them over, even the opposite sex. Persuade others to do what you want and at the same time let them think it was their idea. Become a positive thinker knowing the inner workings of the subconscious and conscious mind. Memorise faces, events, dates, time, shopping lists, Improve your body with mind power, self-healing techniques. Spot negative and positive body language, and learn non-verbal communication. Making the principles of psychology easy for you to apply in your daily contacts.

This and more will be shown to you, but a warning before you commence, for it is you and you alone who will have complete control over your destiny, and only you who will have the final say and outcome.

You have in your possession probably one of the most powerful psychological tool that has ever been put to print. Bold statement to make? But I dare you to question this after you have read the entire book, now set before you. If you absorb only a fraction of its contents for your benefit, then you will definitely be a winner, in this great big wonderful world that you now live. You must first empty your mind of any preconceived ideas and totally be absorbed by the facts that will be put before you. That said please be my guest and absorb what expound before you.