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The Secret-Circle Club: A Wealth creation club
A members-only course: Including financial Freedom – Wealth Creation – Millionaire status – With on-going training


Mind Matters Course:
Welcome to the amazing Mind Matters course which includes sub-conscious persuasion.  Within this course you will be led into the wonderful world of the mind and psychological awareness, learning as you go.  Building into a twelve part course giving you the tools of mastering the art of persuasion.


Talk & Grow Rich

Talk & Grow Rich and how to Create Wealth Without Capital
A Course on Subconscious selling and wealth creation
The first thing the Apprentice Millionaire must do is learn to be patient. Before the brain surgeon can put a scalpel to the flesh, make that first incision, he has a lot to learn about the brain. Before the Apprentice Millionaire can Talk and Grow Rich, he too has a lot to learn about the mind and brain. Not only his own but also his prospects’.



Mental Magic


Business Wealth Course
The Business Wealth Reports have been compiled to provide a feast of business ideas and inspiration, that can help you to find a business which is perfectly suited to you.


Motivations Unlimited
A selection of inspirational & motivational audio recordings, eBooks, and mini-courses to help you on your journey


Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy
IASHH: The Insitute of Allied Science of Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy A 200 + page Home Study Course  Click here to go to the website


Visualization Course
Visualization through visual imagery has been an effective way to communicate both abstract and concrete ideas since the dawn of humanity.


Subliminal Course
Can you imagine your life without fears, doubts or tension? Would you like to become rich full of confidence and have inner strength? All this could be yours with the help of Mind Power Subliminal recordings.

Inspirational Recording

Richard Branson: From rebel to rebel billionaire

Happy Birthday Mr. Richard Branson! Today he hits the mark of 68 years of age. A dyslexic rebel turned upstart entrepreneur, Richard Branson upended the music business, befriended the Sex Pistols and the Rolling Stones, and that was just the beginning of his path to world business domination.

Posted by Life Stories on Wednesday, 18 July 2018


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An extract from one of the courses
There is a classic story about a hustler. The tale is set in the hills of Cumbria England, many years ago. The story has it that a hustler knocked on the door of a farmhouse to scrounge some milk and a few eggs. An old lady answered the door and gave him the eggs and milk he had asked for. He was well known in the district, and he wasn’t particularly surprised when the old lady invited him in for coffee. Once inside the farmhouse, the old lady pointed out through the kitchen window to her lovely daughter, who was at the time feeding the chickens. The girl had an hourglass figure, long blonde hair, and a pretty face. “If you take my daughter’s hand in marriage,” the old lady told him, you can have the farm and the money we have in the bank.” The hustler gulped down his coffee, fled the farmhouse and drove his horse and cart back to his mother’s dilapidated cottage. When the hustler told his mother of the incident, they were both of the same opinions. There must be a catch; they would be sure to lose something. They spent many hours puzzling over this but came to no conclusion. Some years later, the hustler was in the same area and again came across the farmhouse where the incident took place, although by that time he had forgotten all about it. He knocked on the door to ask for some eggs and to his surprise, the beautiful daughter opened it. His mind raced back and he remembered her mother asking him to take the daughter’s hand in marriage, the farm, and the money. Curious, the hustler could not help asking, “What was the catch, all those years ago, when your mother asked me to marry you?” The girl replied, “No catch at all, I simply fell in love with you, but was too shy to get to know you. So my mother asked for me. Alas, she is dead now and I myself have married the farmer on yonder farm.” The hustler walked away, numbed by his experience. You see, the hustler had nothing, nothing at all, he never did have. When he was offered the girl’s hand in marriage, the farm, the money in the bank, all he could think of was, “What was the catch, what would he lose?” The moral of the story is: WHEN YOU HAVE EVERYTHING TO GAIN, AND NOTHING TO LOSE, DO IT NOW.
Tragedy lies in the hundreds of thousands of highly educated young men and women worldwide who are unemployed. They have degrees, knowledge, potential power, but they do nothing. They are waiting for the right job to come along, the right opportunity, they only want to do what they like doing. Opportunities come and go and still they do nothing.
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