2500 Plan

The $2,500 Plan How to get started with the Millionaire Blueprint on a shoestring budget

This special report accompanies the Millionaire Blueprint Program. The purpose of this report is to help smaller investors build a plan that allows them to grow a small stock trading account into a true million dollar portfolio.
Short Term Goal Your first objective will be to turn $2,500 (or more) into $10,000 by following a two-step approach:
1. Adding a set amount per month to your trading account 2. Trading your existing account to capture 8% gains each month
Time It will take you time to get to the initial goal of turning $2,500 into $10,000 so that you can then focus on turning that $10,000 into $1,000,000. Based on this plan, it should take you approximately 13 months to reach that first milestone: $10,000.
How it Works If you’re beginning with a $2,500 account, you’ll want to budget $200 per month to add to this account. You’ll make 13 monthly “payments” to your trading account, each in the amount of $200. Altogether, your total additional investment will be $2,400 over the 13 months.
You’ll add the $200 each month, preferably around the first of the month if you can, and then use that additional capital on the next trade you make using the Millionaire Blueprint trade recommendations and following the Millionaire Blueprint’s 20/10 Rules.
Trading You will NOT split your initial $2,500 into ten trading capital groups. You’ll use two capital groups at the outset ($1,500 in one group and $1,000 in the second) until you reach $3,000.
Then, you’ll split your capital into 3 groups in the amount of $1,000.
Your goal is to build up capital groups of $1,000 until you have ten of them (at $10,000) for trading.
You’ll build these capital groups one at a time, beginning with your first $2,500. We suggest waiting to split capital groups until you have a minimum of $1,000 to begin a new group.
So your first capital group split would occur when your account balance reaches $3,000. Your second would occur at $4,000 (four groups of $1,000 each); and so on.
Once your account reaches $10,000, you’ll be on schedule for trading with the Millionaire Blueprint by using ten capital groups.

If your account balance is $4,250, you would have three capital group with $1,000 and a fourth group with $1,250. Once the groups combined reach $5,000, you would split into five capital groups with $1,000 each.
When trading with the Millionaire Blueprint trade selections, especially early on, you won’t be able to trade every selection. Don’t worry about this. You’ll get there. The key is to stick to the rules and use the Advance Profit Strategies to help you.
Specifically, the Risk Reduction Strategy. Refer to the Advanced Profit Strategies report for more details. What you’ll discover by using these three strategies is:
 Your gains will be higher when you’re in a winning position.  You’ll eliminate potential losses and do no worse than ‘break even’.  You’ll be able to increase your capital base faster.
The $2,500 Schedule The following table shows you how fast that $2,500 grows into $10,000 if you follow this plan and the Millionaire Blueprint Rules.

So, there you have it: in about 13 months, you can grow your $2,500 trading account into a $10,000 powerhouse and get on the Millionaire Blueprint Program’s Path to $1,000,000.
Once your account balance reaches $10,000, you can continue to add your monthly $200 to it – that will help your account grow that much faster.
Or, you can begin a new account and follow the same process and diversify your investing activities. The goal, however, is to teach yourself the ‘good’ habit of setting aside a little bit now so that you’ll have a lot more later.