18 Steps

The Apprentice Millionaire 18 step Method
In this Apprentice Millionaire formula, we teach you how you can become a millionaire within just 18 steps. The time scale depends on how you invest your start-up cost of just 5 Dollars or 5 pounds (or any other money domination you wish to trade)
How to Double Your Way to A Million
The exciting thing about this formula; you start from a very small amount of money of just $5 or £5
This doubling method teaches the vital strategies for becoming wealthy
In addition, Strategies change as you, get richer. Through using this system, you receive a vital training in how to make a million, ten million or even a hundred million! The big temptation is not to spend the loot as soon as you get a sizeable chunk.    Please try to resist this temptation!
The important rule of the mind
Throughout your doublings, you will need several different strategies. It is obvious that the strategy for turning $160 TO $320 and $320 TO $640 will be different from the strategy for turning £160,000 into £320,000. Because of this, You must follow this important rule: Don’t worry about how you are going to manage future doublings. Concentrate only on the current doubling.
 (Thinking too far ahead will discourage you. Avoid deadly thoughts like this: “Sure, I can double $5 into $10, but how am I going to double $40,000-$80,000? It’s impossible. I may as well give up now.”)
You will be tempted to break the chain when you get to a reasonable amount of money (e.g. $50,000). This temptation will be overwhelming the more money you make. So here is the most difficult rule of all: You’re not allowed to spend one cent of the money (apart from as a stake) until you have one million + in the bank. Then it’s all yours. Most people remain poor for one major reason – lack of discipline. This indiscipline permeates their lives from top to bottom. This Rule is the toughest of the lot. Do you have what it takes? You think so? Hmm.. Imagine you have $100,000 in the bank right now. Can’t you think of a lot of ‘stuff’ you would want to run out and buy? Can you resist this temptation? We’ll see…  Remember you are an Apprentice Millionaire…
Another tough rule: You must not divert money into the system, which you would have got anyway had you not been doing the system. You must always use the stake money to gain the next step. Essentially then, you must trade to achieve each step, rather than work (in employment) to achieve it. You may take on extra work outside of your normal field of occupation, but we warn you now that there are strict limits to how far you will get using this approach. Trade, don’t work.

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